Renewable Energy Production
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Renewable Energy

We have a holistic approach to producing renewable energy that addresses not only the carbon cycle, but the nitrogen, and nutrient cycles. We produce renewable energy from liquid or solid waste, from dilute swine and flushed dairy manure to concentrated wastes such as poultry manure, yard waste, and the food fraction of municipal solid waste. We have developed a variety of anaerobic digestion technologies that maximize the conversion of solids to biogas and from biogas to biomethane (methane). We have pioneered the development of zero emission anaerobic digestion facilities that produce no adverse environmental impacts.

Our technologies go beyond basic gas or power production. They manage nutrients while producing products of value. We sequester and reclaim nutrients such as phosphorus and ammonia nitrogen while increasing the nutrient density of the stabilized digested product. We can economically produce pipeline quality gas, pasteurized Class A fertilizer with any desired C:N ratio, and reusable water with a reduced salt content. Consequently the income streams are significantly improved.

Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Our processes maximize the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the production of renewable energy. The reductions include avoidance of greenhouse gas emissions from other waste management technologies such as landfills, composting, or anaerobic lagoons. The reductions also include use of zero emission technologies that allow the siting of facilities close to the source of waste generation and product use to minimize transport emissions. Our technologies address the nitrogen cycle in addition to the carbon cycle. We maximize the reduction of nitrous oxide emissions.

We develop project design documents (PDD) for CDM projects, utilizing IPCC methodologies, throughout the world. We verify greenhouse gas emission reductions and establish offset values. We address greenhouse gas emissions relative to waste management, combined heat and power, and energy generation.