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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

Renewable Energy Production

Waste to Energy Facilities

Pipeline Quality Gas Production

Transportation Fuel

Dairy, Poultry, Swine Waste Digestion

Zero Emission Facilities

Pasteurized Residuals

Combined Heat and Power

Higher Rate Anaerobic Digestion

Class A Biosolids

From Waste to Products of Value


E3's technologies permit the economical processing of a wide variety of waste substrates to produce products of value. The cost of waste disposal is thus minimized or eliminated.

Biogas and Biomethane

E3's anaerobic digestion technologies maximize the conversion of organic substrates to biogas. E3's technologies can economically produce pipeline quality (High BTU) gas for direct pipeline injection or as a transportation fuel.

Environmental Energy & Engineering

Nitrogen Fertilizer

E3's technologies can economically reclaim substantially all of the ammonia nitrogen normally found in anaerobic digester effluent. The ammonia nitrogen is reclaimed as a solid fertilizer product.

Environmental Energy & Engineering

Organic Soil Conditioner (Class A Pasteurized)

E3's can produce an organic soil conditioner containing substantially all of the influent phosphorus. E3's technology can economically produce a pathogen free Class A organic soil conditioner suitable for use in the production of organic crops.

Fertilizer with Designed C:N Ratio

E3's technologies can produce a fertilizer containing any desired carbon to nitrogen ratio to maximize crop yields and soil fertility.

Carbon Sequestration & GHG Credits

E3's technologies maximize carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas credits by minimizing carbon and nitrogen greenhouse gas emissions while producing renewable energy.


E3's technologies produce a clean effluent water that can be reused for flushing or process purposes.