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High Solids Digestion


In many cases it is desirable to replace the energy consuming, greenhouse gas emitting, "composting" process with anaerobic digestion that produces energy while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. E3's high solids, zero emission process can be utilized to digest solid substrates such as poultry manure, yard waste, crop residues, and the food fraction of municipal solid waste.

The systems utilizes a high solids anaerobic reactor that processes a thick slurry of influent solids and recycled effluent. The recycled effluent is first processed to remove ammonia and thereby reduce the adverse impacts of ammonia nitrogen on the anaerobic consortia. The ammonia nitrogen is recovered as a solid product. The processed effluent is then used to hydrate the influent solids and produce any slurry having the desired consistency. A variety of separators can be utilized.

The effluent solids contain substantially all of the nitrogen and phosphorus and potassium at a much higher nutrient density than the influent solids.